As you will have seen, we sent out a client survey to gain an insight into your thoughts and feelings about our service. As promised, we’re sharing the survey results with you and what changes we’ll make where necessary.

Of those who completed the survey, we’re delighted to say that:

– 100% of clients would recommend us to their friends and family

– 56.25% of clients have recommended us in the last 12 months alone

– 100% of clients believe that working with us has helped or will help to achieve their financial goals

– 92.31% of clients said they felt either considerably or somewhat reassured as a result of our communications during the pandemic.

We’re delighted that so many of our clients would feel comfortable recommending us to their friends and family. We believe this reflects the service we provide.

We’d also like to thank those of you who have recommended us, especially those that have done so in the last 12 months. Recommendations are extremely useful to the growth of our business.

Our performance

We were interested to see how satisfied our clients were with our performance. We’re ecstatic to say that:

– 100% of clients were very satisfied with the timeliness of response from their adviser

– 97.5% of clients were also very satisfied with the quality of response from their adviser, with 2.5% mostly satisfied

– 92.5% of clients were very satisfied that we understand their needs, aspirations and objectives, with the remaining 7.5% of clients mostly satisfied.

When asked about the level of satisfaction clients have regarding our communications between meetings, 95% answered “very satisfied”, with the remainder answering “mostly satisfied”.

Finally, we asked clients how satisfied they were with their review meetings. 92.31% of clients answered “very satisfied”, with the remaining 7.69% answering “mostly satisfied”.

We’re delighted to see that 100% of our clients were satisfied with our performance across the board. However, we’d love to see even more people in the “very satisfied” category. So, if there is anything that we can do better, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to be even better for you.

Difference between client groups

With this survey, we wanted to discover what the financial concerns of our different client groups are, both those who have not yet retired and those who have. We wanted to see if there were financial concerns these groups had in common or if they had their own individual financial concerns.

The three biggest concerns for those who have not yet retired are:

– Not having enough money to live their preferred lifestyle in retirement

– Not having enough money to retire at my preferred retirement age

– The level of investment returns.

Meanwhile, the three biggest concerns for those who have already retired are:

– Not having enough money to live their preferred lifestyle in retirement

– The level of investment returns

– Giving wealth to younger generations without affecting their lifestyle.

While we were unsurprised, it’s still interesting to see that both those before and after retirement have concerns about not having enough money to live their preferred lifestyle in retirement. This highlights the importance of financial planning – and why we’re here to help you achieve long-term financial security.

We were also intrigued by the focus on investment returns and worries about potential investment losses from both groups. We have started to include, in our review meetings with you, some slides on how financial markets behave to alleviate your concerns.

Please be sure to let us know any other financial concerns at your next review meeting, so we can discuss your options.

The benefits of working with Waymark

In our survey, we asked clients: “How do you measure the value you receive from Waymark” by selecting the most valuable option. We’re delighted with some of the responses:

– 42.5% of clients selected knowing they have a “go-to” person for their financial affairs

– 24.59% of people chose the increased sense of financial security since working with us

– 12.5% of clients selected the peace of mind we provide

– A further 35% of clients chose the progress towards achieving their financial/life goals was most important.

All our team are thrilled with the comments received from this question. It provides a morale boost to know that the work we do genuinely helps our clients.

We’d like to thank everyone who completed our survey; your feedback has been extremely helpful. Moving forward, we’ll be taking action to improve our service even further as we strive to provide the best service possible.

The next survey will be in 2023, when we trust even more of you will participate.