We believe that we learn as much about a client over lunch or a glass of wine, as we do in more formal meetings.

We previously held get togethers to celebrate Waymark’s 5th anniversary and our ‘Awards Ceremony’.  It was when we went into lockdown in March 2020 that we decided to start a series of on line initiatives with our clients as a bit of light relief – the fun stuff!

These started as online events during lockdown but proved so popular with clients (and us) that we continued

World Book Night

As avid readers and great believers in literacy we celebrated World Book Night as a team and invited clients to nominate their favourite books.

Knife skills

At our daily team catch ups we seemed to focus quite a lot on what we have all been cooking and eating. The conversation one day turned to buying new knives and which ones to select. Fortunately, we have a client who is a retired Head Chef and he was happy to do a video for our other clients to watch.

Garden show

We invited all gardeners, whether they tend to acres, or a few pots, to share photos and tips – the Waymark version of the Chelsea Flower show. We encouraged some friendly competition with a prize for the “Waymark Choice 2020”.

Wine tasting

You might be surprised to hear that when the Waymark team are not talking about books or food, we can be found discussing wine! We have missed the social side of physically being together and invited clients to join us for a virtual wine tasting.

Christmas cake

For the past few Christmases Mark and Avril have been making a cake using a prepared kit from Broad Bean, a local delicatessen in Ludlow. The kit contains all the ingredients you need and the recipe to make a rich fruit cake.
We thought it would be lovely to offer this to our clients and support a local Ludlow business.

We did this in 2020 and 2022!

Sherry tasting

We are all great fans of southern Spain so in February 2021 we held a sherry tasting and tapas evening to bring a bit of sunshine into our lives – it was also the perfect pick me after dry January.

Waymark cook book

We had such a great response to our request for recipes from our clients that we decided to publish a cook book

Wine tasting

To celebrate the end of dry January 2022, we held another online wine tasting, this time focusing on french wines and cheeses.

Waymark around the World

As we started to come out of lockdown, and our appetites for travel increased, we asked our clients to share some of their favourite travel locations. Please click here for inspiration.

World Cup 2022

We ran a fantasy world cup event on line for the avid football supporters amongst us.