James is 45, married and has three children. He came to us as a new client; he was disgruntled with his previous adviser.

James had a very high awareness of financial planning and was very knowledgeable, but had been unable to find a financial adviser on the same wavelength.

What did we do?

As a new client, we began the process by getting to know James through a face to face meeting: his needs, goals and aspirations. We also completed a fact find to assess his financial circumstances and a risk questionnaire to assess his tolerance to risk.

James had invested in a number of financial products and put a variety of wrappers in place, but there had previously been no cohesive approach to his family’s financial planning.

We introduced him to one of our preferred lawyers to draw up his will and begin Inheritance Tax planning. He appointed one of our preferred investment managers to manage his pension fund, offshore and ISA investments on a capital preservation basis. We also introduced James to a specialist VCT/EIS manager to oversee his portfolio. Finally, we set up a family SIPP to maximise the amount that his wife and children can invest in pension funds for the future.

The results

James now feels much more happy and secure in his financial plan: it is cohesive and well-suited to his needs and goals.

We have built a strong, ongoing relationship with James and his family. We discovered we had a shared interest in military life and together have done some fundraising for a military charity.