Joe and Sarah were married and had a young child.

They had decided to buy a house together and came to us after a recommendation from Joe’s father, who was an existing client.

What did we do?

As a new client, we began the process by getting to know Joe and Sarah through a face to face meeting: their needs, goals and aspirations. We also completed a fact find to assess their financial circumstances and a risk questionnaire to assess their tolerance to risk.

For Joe and Sarah, we agreed a two-stage process. Initially, we worked with a specialist to obtain the mortgage, then put in place protection insurance which included cover for death, sickness and critical illness, seeing as these were not covered by their company scheme.

Once they were settled into their new home, we looked at their medium and long-term savings. We advised that they make monthly contributions into an ISA for Joe and annually for Sarah. For long-term investment, we advised Joe to make monthly contributions to a pension fund, whilst taking advantage of 40% tax relief.

The results

The family are living happily in their new home and feel positive about the future; secure in the knowledge that they have protection set up and a financial plan in place.

As part of the process, we also introduced Joe and Sarah to Exclusively Wills, a trusted provider, to draw up their will and Lasting Power of Attorney.