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Pensions are a hot topic since the Chancellor, George Osborne announced that you no longer had to buy an annuity, in the 2014 Budget. We have put together a number of interesting articles for you on the subject together with some industry pieces.

Pensions are a particular area of expertise for Mark Wilson and he would be delighted to hear from you.

Pension Calculator

Use the following calculator to estimate your pension requirements.

A generous pension will offer up to two thirds of salary but the typical figure is more like half. Bear in mind that your state pension will provide approximately £5,900 of pension income. You may also have other sources of income that will continue after retirement. Use these guidelines to work out how much you need to top up your retirement income and use the calculator below to estimate the pension contributions required to achieve this.

For example, if you have a salary of £100,000 and want to have a pension income of half this, then you are aiming for a total pension income of £50,000. The state pension will cover the first £5,900 of this, leaving a shortfall of £44,100. If you have other income, then that would reduce the shortfall further. The pension calculator can then be used to estimate the monthly pension contribution needed to achieve that additional income.


This calculation is based on the investment Assumptions listed to the right (below on a small screen).


Change these values and click Calculate to explore different future scenarios.

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